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I love making a difference in people’s lives. Most clients get overwhelmed by clutter. I see ways to solve their issues and give them hope to reach their goals. This is one client’s testimonial:

Paula Morgan, The Savvy Organizer, was a Godsend for me. She helped me with downsizing my home, which required sorting through more than 30 years of accumulated possessions, including 86 file boxes of papers!  We were a family of four when we moved into our five bedroom home—two sons and two professional parents.  Not one of us was inclined to get rid of anything.   With the exception of a few bathrooms, every room in our house was cluttered.  Some rooms were impassable.

Paula made a job that had overwhelmed me doable, and even fun.  She is highly skilled and good at educating her clients and making suggestions in a nonjudgmental way.  She is reliable, extremely hard working, conscientious and flexible.  She is also sensitive to her clients’ attachment to their possessions.  I found her willing to go beyond what I expected of her again and again.

I cannot recommend Paula more highly.  From organizing all sorts of possessions, to creating a workable filing system, teaching time management and being a wonderful coach to a client trying to create new and efficient daily habits, Paula Morgan is the best!

Sylvia Highlands, Portland
October 2015

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