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Paula Sorge, Professional Organizer

Paula Morgan, Founder and Organizer

Thank you for considering The Savvy Organizer. As a girl growing up, I loved to clear the clutter and junk from my grandparents’ home and create order out of chaos. My grandparents grew up in the Great Depression and found it impossible to throw anything away!

As a college student, I moved frequently and faced my own struggles with disorganization. Eventually, I turned these challenges around and learned not only to cope but how to thrive. I can help you as well.

In 2013, after a career as a project specialist for a large NW employer, I turned my love of organizing into a full-time business and became a professional organizer. But for me, organizing is much more than just a job. Nothing is more satisfying for me than helping people overcome the distressing and overwhelming feelings that come from being buried in clutter, and see them find peace of mind and success.

Each client is different, and unlike some organizers who use a rigid system, I tailor my work to fit your special needs. Although I have been an Oregonian for 28 years, my frequent moves — and my early struggles with clutter — mean I am uniquely qualified to help you with your organizational project, whether it’s preparing for a move out of state, or clearing out years of accumulated junk in the garage. 

I also understand how difficult it is to cope with clutter if you have Attention Deficit Disorder.  Getting rid of clutter — and having a manageable system for keeping items organized — has a calming and soothing effect on your life.

When I’m not busy being The Savvy Organizer, I love to garden, play tennis and enjoy the many recreation choices that make Oregon such a paradise. I’m also an avid recycler and volunteer with my local church and support the Portland Rescue Mission.

Whether you want to create order in one closet, or an entire house, The Savvy Organizer can help. I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

Call me today to declutter and organize your space. Organize your closet, home, or office. 503.490.7443

Best wishes for a clutter-free life,
Paula Morgan
The Savvy Organizer

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