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Have you ever thought …


If I could only organize my life, I could move ahead? (Or at least park in my own garage!)


You’re not alone.  Studies have linked a cluttered living or work space to elevated stress, anxiety, depression — even weight gain.

If you’re looking for a home organizer,
planning to move to a new house,
or going through a life transition such as divorce,

Paula Sorge

Paula Morgan, Founder and Organizer

The Savvy Organizer can help! 

Disorganized living room filled with boxes, files and junk.

Go from this …

Family room office organized by The Savvy Organizer

… to this. Paula can get you organized!

Professional organizer Paula Morgan evaluates the scope of your project and works with you to systematically sort and organize materials. Then she gives you the tools and skills to stay organized.

Eliminating clutter and getting organized can create a dramatic improvement in your quality of life, and Paula can help you get there.

Paula has a special expertise helping clients with Attention Deficit Disorder. She has studied how ADD/ADHD affects the brain’s frontal cortex and makes it difficult for many people to plan and organize. Paula is also successful working with clients suffering from mild depression and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Residential spaces

For any room in your home, including:

  • Craft Room
  • Garage
  • Workshop
  • Attic
  • Storage Units

Office or work areas

Working with small to medium-sized companies, Paula can customize a plan for increased efficiency, a more productive workflow and harmonious environment.

She is experienced with Six Sigma, a set of techniques and tools used to define, measure, analyze, improve and finally control future process performance. “I like Six Sigma because it’s a highly effective system that doesn’t rely on the ‘blame game’,” says Paula.

Moving to a new home

Reduce stress with Paula’s help. Whether it’s around the block or across country, your move will go smoothly when you’ve recycled or donated unneeded items and systematically packed the rest.

Life transitions

Events such as divorce or the death of a loved one are an emotional and difficult time. Paula can ease your burden by working with you to downsize or organize a household or estate.

The Savvy Organizer serves the Portland metropolitan area and is the local choice for professional organizing.

Learn how Paula can conquer the clutter and free you to move forward!

Call Paula today: 503-490-7443

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